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Hi! I'm Daniella Bozzone


Hello I am Daniella Bozzone and I help high achievers FEEL GOOD ON PURPOSE by finding fun and easy-to-follow workouts and nutrition plans that are quick, simple, and provide astonishing results in your energy level and strength (and you’ll look fabulous too!)

About Me

I'm Daniella Bozzone, a former dancer and choreographer, then a flight attendant, and now a writer, investor, lifestyle coach, wife, aunt, and pet parent --and lover of all things Harry Potter!

I became a virtual wellness coach after turning my health around in my mid-forties. By the time I reached my mid-forties I had no energy, a wider waistline, and felt pretty crappy all the time. At first, I thought that was just part of normal aging. First of all – forties is not that old. There were clearly (in hindsight) things that had gone wrong with my health. ---And I thought I was doing the right things – I went to regular yoga classes, and I ate veggies and fruit. It didn’t make sense that I was always tired. I also had INTENSE joint pain, forgetfulness, and steady weight gain. I made two little changes – one to my diet, and one to my exercise habit, and it all started getting better. I now have great energy, no joint pain, mental clarity, and I lost an inch and a half off my waist too. I am here to say that You can feel great no matter what your circumstances are. There are just a few little things that may need tweaking.


As a virtual wellness coach, I provide strategies, tools, and a community that supports my clients in their journey to feeling healthy, energetic, abundant, and AMAZING.


I believe that creating consistent fitness, nutrition, and sleep habits will revitalize every aspect of your life because I’ve seen people thrive when they say YES! to FEELING GOOD.


I work with busy professionals like you who are motivated and serious about being able to live fulfilled lives because they feel great and full of energy. When your body and mind are fit, you will have the “get up and go” and mental clarity you need to create a life of abundance, purpose, and wellbeing.



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