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Daniella Bozzone is  writer and illustrator. Her work features mindsets and habits that facilitate abundance and contentment.


She has written articles for ThriveGlobal, Medium.com and other publications as well as her own blog posts. You can find her uplifting children's books on Amazon.com or by clicking the links on this page.

Mindset, gratitude, and habit --when positive -- are extremely powerful when striving toward a goal, in a creative pursuit, or just to feel content and in love with the life you have and the life you're creating. Whether it is clearing money blocks, learning to invest, or simply learning to love the life you have, your mindset and habits will determine the outcome. 

She has also designed a store full of "positive anchors" that help bring the mind back to a positive and grateful place. Click the link to the Positive Anchor store to check out some cute accessories and fashions.

Daniella Bozzone: In my own words:

After twelve years of being a flight attendant and a few failed attempts at transitioning into being self-employed and living creatively, I finally did it. It turns out I could've done it all along (how very Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz of me).


While flying, I was tired, unwell, burned out, and aging quickly. I tried to squeeze life into the limited time in between trips. I felt ungrateful for my negative feeling about my job (it is a dream job for many) and at the same time, I felt as though I was on a never-stopping hamster wheel. I started to practice investing, gratitude, and living intentionally. Before I knew it, I could support myself better than my job could.  I was happier. I got to spend more time feeling good. I spent more time with my husband, pets, friends, and family.


Now, I spend my time on things I value. I look forward to the workweek. I enjoy my projects. I enjoy investing. I enjoy my time. I enjoy traveling again. In my blog posts, you'll hear about that change, about mindset shifts that I am making as I learn what will best enrich my life.


I would love to hear about your wins, your ways of living intentionally, and how we can make life a little better for as many people as we can reach. 

-My books. I have written and illustrated three children's books Lucy Cate and her Gratitude Attitude, Beauty Salad, and in a collaboration with my sis and lifestyle medicine MD, Suzannah Bozzone, we wrote Lucy Cate and the Yummy Rainbow.  I am working on another children's book that will be a departure from the Lucy Cate adventures. I'll probably get back to Lucy Cate soon though, so don't worry.

I have also written a daily practice journal for dancers, The Dancer Journal. I plan to do a wellness daily practice journal for current athletes at a collegiate/professional level, and one for former athletes/dancers who are still fit, but no longer need to compete at a professional level.

-I am an investor and would love to see more women embrace investing and financial literacy. I have a dream of providing financial literacy to those who need it and would like to collaborate with some finance and investing experts in the future. 

I would love to hear your recommendations on these topics, as well.

E-Mail: contact@daniellabozzoneauthor.com