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Become a Beach Body Coach
with Daniella!

Who are we? We are professionals, spouses, parents who take responsibility for our own health and fitness. We know that health is about what you do every day. Use your own fitness journey to inspire others to take charge of their health. You’re going to get healthy learn about wellness anyway -- wouldn’t it be great to help and inspire at the same time? Even more amazing, you could do this AND generate income too! I will provide you with resources and support as you build your business online. It takes hard work and self-discipline, but it is fun, rewarding, and needed

I Will Help You: 

• Guide your clients to the perfect workout programs to meet their fitness style, fitness level, and schedule 

• Understand nutrition and supplements to optimize your clients’ energy and vitality 

• Use social media to attract new clients that are excited about taking ownership of their health 

• Use your own fitness journey to inspire and encourage others

• Make the world a healthier place


I don’t work with everyone because of time constraints and well, we all have different visions for our businesses and I want to work with people who have visions I really believe in.


To Work With Me You Must:

• Believe in personal responsibility and take ownership of you own health and your business

•Sincerely want to help people get healthy

• Keep going when things get tough

• Work hard

• Have fun on the journey

Why I become a coach

By my mid-forties I started having serious health trouble. I had painful inflammation in my feet and back, thyroid issues, hormone issues, weight gain, and brain fog. Years of stress and regular life stuff had started breaking down my health.


I had to figure out what to do to fix it. It was especially frustrating because I thought I was doing the right things. I went to spin class and yoga. I like veggies and ate them all the time.


Then COVID started and all of my fitness classes were canceled. After a month of acting like I was on a staycation, I realized I was drinking too much, moving too little, and making all of my conditions worse. I had to get myself together. However, there were still no exercise classes. A friend of mine did home workouts so I decided that would be step one. I started with 21day fix – I paid a little more attention to my diet, but I was still was only vaguely aware of what I was eating and drinking. Even with a vague start, after 21 days I already had more energy, more mental focus, fewer mood swings, and my skin even started looking better. Then I decided to add Shakeology to my day and did 21day extreme for the next 3 weeks. In that 21 days I felt stronger, actually lost weight (a miracle with my thyroid and hormone issues), my skin looked better, my brain worked better and I wasn’t exhausted every afternoon like I used to be before Shakeology.


I began to realize that the deterioration of my health wasn’t about age. It was caused by what I did daily. That meant my health could be fixed by what I did daily. At that point I was on a mission. I was like a new convert and I wanted everybody to feel good and to know that WE ARE EMPOWERED AND CAN FEEL GOOD – ON PURPOSE!

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