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The new book is almost here! (A bit later than intended)

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Hey gang! Long time no see! So, my recent post suggested that my sis and I would have our book finished by September first and that we'd keep you involved in the process and progress. Then I ghosted you until now.....oops. (Sorry, I was working, just not on the blog. I still love you all.) Well, it is done. We are just going through the final tweaks that need to be made pre-publication and then it will be out.

It is called (drumroll, please.....)


Yes! I am excited too! The illustration below is a little teaser from the book. Remember May Pearl from Beauty Salad? Well, she's back. She and Lucy Cate have a new friend, Pedro Pig. They all learn how to feel good by eating the colors of the rainbow. There are games and activities as well. Dr. Suzannah Bozzone has included some guidance for parents and some yummy, kid friendly recipes.

The book will be available on

May Pearl and her basket of yummy fruit and veggies

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