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Why I revised the Dancer Journal

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Hey gang!

So, I have revised THE DANCER JOURNAL (as you may have gathered from the title of this entry) and I will tell you why I did it:

1) It was a bit too expensive as it was. This was because of all of the illustrations -- as it turns out a color is muuuuuch more expensive to produce than black and white (seems obvious now, doesn't it?).

2) Getting rid of the illustrations was a good exercise in "kill your darlings" that all great writers tell us we must do at some point. The drawings were fun to do and they were pretty funny -- but, they were not necessary. In the end it is much more streamlined and clean.

3) In the streamlined format, all of you gorgeous dancers are the primary focus. You are much more able to focus on yourself, your goals, your gratitude. It is a journal, after all, my Giselle ghost jokes aren't the point. Your Giselle (or Ailey, or Broadway, or your own company, or whatever) dreams are the point.

In light of all of that I hope you find clarity in your vision of yourself as a dancer and start seeing the steps to take to become the dancer you're meant to be and gratitude for the dancer you are.

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