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The Investing Course everybody has been asking me about

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Hey Gang,

So after my last post "Quitting my Flight Attendant Job" I got a bunch of questions about the investing course that I mentioned. I have been answering them individually, but there have been so many requests that I am now finding it hard to keep up. So, I will answer it here.

I went to the Rule One Investing three day workshop with my husband, and a good friend. It is very intense learning from the moment you get there on Friday until you leave on Sunday. I personally love that kind of thing. I have always felt that I was good with the money I had, but I thought that I could only get what I earned from an employer. It was such a pleasure to see that it is possible to have so much more control over what you earn than what an employer gives you in exchange for your time and effort. Employment is great too -- however, realizing that I was not limited by my chosen employment was like endlessly treading water and then suddenly realizing you had fins and gills the whole time.

Your financial state is not actually dependent on your employer.


Mind you, I studied hard. When we walked in to the workshop on Friday I didn't know what a 10K was (it is an annual report) and I thought that an option was just a choice. My husband has an MBA with a focus on finance and my friend, Hope, who came with us is really good at personal finance, but didn't have a great deal of investing experience. We all came to it with a different amount of knowledge and we all learned a ton. My husband actually had to "unlearn" some things -- a burden that Hope and I didn't have, so we didn't have to unload it. As the weekend went on it became clearer and clearer that this was going to be my key to getting off the planes. This was going to fund me while I write and illustrate books.

At that point I still needed to gain momentum in book sales (I still do, truth be told). I would've taken quite a pay cut if I had to rely on the books alone. (In other news, buy my books! :-D See shameless plug and links at the end of this note.)

That workshop lit the fire, but I had to keep it lit after the three days were over. Stuart (my hubs) and I took an advanced course after that, and we both have kept up the studying, reading, and learning about investing ever since we did that workshop two years ago.

Dolla, dolla bills, y'all.

The Deets: The Course is the Transformational Investing Workshop (TIW) run by Phil Town and his amazing team of coaches and teachers at Rule One Investing. You can sign up for it at his website where you can also listen to the podcast. (You can sign up through the podcast directly as well. It is on Stitcher, and Apple podcasts also.) They invest in the same style as Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger-- who've done ok for themselves in investing. (Understatement alert!)

So, the links below are to the books that Phil Town has written. The first one, InvestEd, he wrote with his daughter, Danielle -- it is really more from her point of view and is the one I recommend if you are a true beginner to investing -- especially if you find the idea a little intimidating. She goes through all of the worry and self-doubt that you might be feeling. It also has practical application for finding and valuing your chosen companies.

(*the following are paid affiliate links)

These next two are written entirely by Phil Town. They are the nuts and bolts of investing. There are tons of straightfoward explanations of what you are looking for and how to know whether you've found a good company or if you need to toss it aside and keep looking. The most important part is that it tells you how to know if your chosen company is at a "buy" price or not.

(*the following are paid affiliate links)

Two more books I highly recommend are Guy Spier's, The Education of a Value Investor and Mohnish Pabrai's, The Dhando Investor. These two will really get you excited about what you can do with investing. You'll see how you can put your money where your values are and basically improve the world with your money choices (and make money in the process, yahoo.). Start with Guy Spier's book if you're really looking to get pumped up and excited about it.

(*the following are paid affiliate links)

I hope this info helps. If you have any other questions that I can answer, please let me know. I really am so excited about what I have learned and already accomplished since I learned about investing. I had no idea that someone so artsy fartsy and free spirited as I am would find this so interesting and stimulating -- and even creative. I really do think that learning this has changed what is possible for me. I hope you find that too.

Love and hugs,


And now, I will shamelessly plug my own books. They are not about investing. They are about mindset and positivity. Three are for preschool to first/second graders and the fourth is a daily practice journal for dancers.

I'd love to answer any questions you have about these, too. xoxo

*New daily practice journals for specific goals coming soon. A new children's book is in the works as well. Stay tuned!

(*the following are paid affiliate links)

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