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Reaching goals in any area

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

The principles of progress and achievement are the same, no matter what the subject. Here are a few things you need to assess as you work toward any goal:

1) How do you talk to yourself? -- Do not be unkind to yourself. Constantly calling yourself flabby, poor, ignorant, etc. isn't without consequence, and you're not just commenting about the present. You're defining yourself as something negative -- it is a self-imposed life sentence. Be kind to yourself.

2) Do you judge people who are successful? -- Envy and resentment will keep you from achieving your goal for a similar reason that unkind self-talk will. If you think fit people are vain and shallow you won't want to be fit (your subconscious is listening). If you think rich people are all evil you won't allow yourself to be rich -- or even financially secure.

3) Do you ask broke people for money advice, or unhealthy people about nutrition and exercise? -- Broke people ask to each other about finance problems all the time. That won't help. They obviously don't know the answer either. Don't ask a smoker how to be healthy. Don't ask your broke uncle for money advice.

4) What little things do you do everyday? -- Your little daily habits will determine your future. Consciously spend less than you earn and you'll be financially secure. Take walks and have fresh fruit and veggies daily, and you'll be healthy. Read daily and you'll become knowledgable. Success is inevitable if you move toward it habitually.

5) Who do you spend time with? -- If you are always with people who mock those who exercise, or roll their eyes when someone decides to drink in moderation it will be hard to become healthy. If you are only with people who think financial responsibility is lame, you'll all struggle together. Find people who have the same goals as you. It makes reaching your goals more fun and easier to do.

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The path to your goals is comprised of little steps.


*Daniella Bozzone is a habit and mindset writer and a private investor.

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