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What is your health personality?

Do you like to get yelled at, get after it, feel like you are about to be a super human BADASS?

If this is you you are a MEAT HEAD and that is a compliment. Your home gym posters are of Navy seals, MMA fighters, and Rocky. Your inspirational quotes are from Marcus Aurelius and Chesty Puller.

"Pain is weakness leaving the body." -- Chesty Puller

Fit man working out with battle ropes.
Pick up heavy shit. Feel like a champ!

Or do you like to connect to your breath, lean into sensation, and end the class with an affirmation?

If this is you, you are a PHILOSOPHER ATHLETE. and that is a compliment. Your home gym posters are yoga poses on the side of a mountain, graceful dancers, and surfers. Your inspirational quotes come from Tony Robbins and Brene Brown.

"Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible." -- Tony Robbins

Woman doing yoga on the beach.
Flow with the breath. Clear out the nonsense.

Or do you just want to get in, get it done, and get out knowing you'll be stronger and healthier.

If this is you, you are an EFFICIENT MOVER, and that is a compliment. You don't have inspirational posters on your gym wall -- just mirrors and calendars. Your quotes are motivational not inspirational and they come from Darren Hardy and Dave Ramsey.

"Small, smart choices + consistency + time = RADICAL DIFFERENCE." -- Darren Hardy

Couple working out at home.
Get it done. Get healthier. Don't overthink it.

First of all, there is no right or wrong flavor of fitness and health. The right one is the one that you will do. If MMA fighters get you fired up and excited to move -- that's right for you. If they make you want to hide behind a locker -- well you might want to find a different solution. There are a zillion different ways to be healthy and move your body. Do the one you like the most. Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy.

In my case, I like to change it up. I like to be a meathead and pump iron sometimes, and sometimes I want to be reminded that my body is a sacred temple and exercise honors it. Other times, I just want to do what is going to make me feel healthy without having to make it a big production.

What is your exercise style? Do you like to change it up or do you like to keep it consistent?

Just as long as you are moving your body, you're creating something good for yourself and your family. It will help you overcome obstacles of all kinds -- physical, mental, emotional, you name it.

**For programs that suit your exercise style keep scrolling and click below.**


*Daniella Bozzone is a mindset writer, investor, and wellness coach. If you'd like to join her clientele and find your workout flavor click one of the below links or send a message.

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