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How to be truly Body Positive

Last time we discussed the damaging aspects of the so called "Body Positive" movement. The movement shames "too thin" as unhealthy mentally and physically (which is true) but glorifies overweight and obese as "healthy at any size" (which is untrue.)

A beautiful woman in garden doing a headstand with her legs in eagle pose. (yoga)
Nature, breath, and movement do a body good.

How do we start a trend that is actually BODY POSITIVE? A truly body positive movement would be one that makes you feel empowered and free of shame about how you look, but also promotes good practices for physical health.

I, for one, always find the truth in gratitude and appreciation.

Start by going full blown into woo woo self-love and look in the mirror and thank your body for supporting you.

Thank your body for doing its best to fight disease and infection.

Thank it for digesting, sleeping, waking up, feeling pain and pleasure.

Thank it for using pain to warn you that something is wrong.

Thank it for rewarding you with good feelings.

Thank it for doing its best at recovering from toxins in food, cleaners, medicines, and cosmetics.

Thank it for effort and relaxation.

A group of people meditating in hero's pose (a yoga pose).
Our bodies are always supporting us.

The fact is that your body is always striving to thrive.

If it doesn't thrive it is not from a lack of trying. It is from too many stresses, toxins, traumas, etc. that eventually beat it down.

So once you've thanked your body (and I recommend doing this daily) think about how you can reward it for all of its service to you. What can you do? Start with something small and easy -- like drinking water.

At the very least, give it the cultivation you would give a houseplant.

You know that neglect and abuse will kill your plant. Remember that it will kill your body too, but your body will struggle through the fight longer than your orchid will.

And who suffers from that?

(Spoiler alert) You do.

If you do not care for and cultivate your body, then your mental, physical, and emotional health will wilt a little more every day.

Your body will start to feel really good with nourishing food, lots of water, 7-9 hours of sleep a night, and as much joy, appreciation, gratitude, and positivity as you can give it.

Start where you are today. Thank your body for serving you and reward it with something that will help it stay healthy. Do a little more of that every day and you will know your body better. Before you know it, you will feel more energy, more happiness, more peace, and more strength.

A beautiful, healthy magenta orchid in a pot.
Bodies need care and cultivation.


Daniella Bozzone is an author, investor, and wellness coach.


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