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Accountability Announcement!

Ok, so I have been talking about my next Lucy Cate book for a while now and there has been some work done on it, but I am not as far as I had hoped to be at this point.

So, I'll tell you what the project is and then tell you the date I hope to have it done.

My beautiful, talented and brainy sister is a family practice doctor and a lifestyle medicine diplomat. She is helping people manage, reverse and even eliminate their chronic diseases. She and I were discussing the point when this disease causing lifestyle begins, and unfortunately, with Americans especially, it is starting very young. Young children are suffering from obesity and all of the the complications that come along with that.

We decided to join our skillsets -- mine for writing and illustrating children's books and hers for teaching people how to thrive, feel good and be healthy -- to create the next Lucy Cate children's book about feeling good!

Here is the promise:

The newest Lucy Cate adventure will be available on September 1st, 2019!

Hold us to it! We're obligated to all of you now!

Now to tell Suzi about our deadline....

Daniella Bozzone's Lucy Cate Adventures that you can already find on Amazon:


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