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How our reaction to the Cvd vx shows the effect of "Gimme it now" on our health.

First of all, I am not going to talk about the jab itself. Do what you want. I am going to talk about how evident our "gimme it now" culture was during the pandemic. "Gimme it now" is NOT how good health is created. "Gimme it now" is not how anything of value is created. "Gimme it now" adversely affects our approach to health.

Thankfully, it is never too late to make a change for the better.

Cultural trend that is killing us -- for years, the entire western world has been begging for a pill, a shot, or a surgery to fix everything. In the modern world most of our health issues are cause by habits that feature "food" from drive through windows, too much sitting, too little movement, too few nutrients, and glorifying stress/busy/overwhelm. (PS, Stop bragging about how little sleep you get. You're rewarding yourself for something undesirable.)

The pandemic put an extra bright light on that attitude of "don't make me do anything, just give me a magic pill."

We've spent our childhood and adult life beating our immune system down, and now that we really need it, it can't do it's job. More bad news -- even needed pills, shots, and surgeries are all less effective on battered immune systems.

It turns out, that no matter how miraculous the pill, shot, or surgery is we still have to cultivate our bodies (at least as well as we do a house plant).

This sounds like bad news, but let's look at it as an opportunity. We now see that without health you have nothing. We also see that what we do daily is the most important thing.

Take this as an opportunity to make a small habit that will improve your health. Maybe you decide to drink more water. Maybe you start taking walks on your lunch break. Maybe you meditate or quit screens an hour before bed. Pick one thing to do every day for the next week -- then when it is second nature, pick another. Keep going until you're healthy and any medical intervention you may need might actually work.

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