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Get What you Want in 4 steps.

Whether you want to lose weight, make more money, have fulfilling relationships or learn a language you can get there. No matter how enormous the goal, it is possible. But, you must have a strategy or you'll lose focus and momentum.

Happy girl looking victorious.
First, be clear about what you want. You can only hit targets you aim at.

The four steps are:

1) Be specific and declutter your mind, space, and calendar.

2) Start from the goal and work your way back to where you are today

3) Notice incremental progress goals

4) Celebrate achieving each incremental goal -- have each celebration on your calendar. Feel GOOD about every bit of progress (no matter how small it seems).


Write down your goal, when you are going to achieve it.

Example of a goal: Speak conversational Spanish fluidly in one year.

That is clear and specific and has a target date. What? -- Spanish. How? -- fluidly (understanding and being understood by a non English speaker). When? -- One year (write the specific date).

Then declutter your mind from limiting beliefs like, "I don't have a good ear or I was terrible at Spanish in high school." Dig deep into your limiting beliefs. Get them out! You're allowed to be terrible at something that is totally unknown to you -- that is called the starting point.

Declutter your space and calendar -- designate a study space and get all the junk mail and papers out of it. Only good lighting and your study stuff goes in this space now -- even if it is just half a shelf or your bedside table -- that is the Spanish table now. Declutter your calendar by putting Spanish lessons and practice in there and nothing else can be scheduled during those times.

Start from the Goal and work your way backwards through the calendar.

Woman putting post-its on a wall calendar.
Know what you want. Set a date.

Notice Incremental Progress:

How will you know that you are making progress?

Chunk it down -- set progress landmarks for every three months or every month or even every two weeks -- gauge your progress and have a bunch of mini goals to hit on your way to your larger goal. Celebrate all of the mini goals along the way.

1) In one month I will be able to speak with a native speaker for five minutes and be understood (use of hand gestures and simple topics like the weather or breakfast are fine). I will be able to read and understand illustrated children's books.

Celebrate your progress! Maybe make a toast with some Margaritas or Sangria -- celebrate with something from a Spanish speaking country. Write it in your calendar (in Spanish).

2) In six months I will be able to read the newspaper in Spanish and have a conversation that includes the past the present and the future -- simple is fine and perfect grammar is unnecessary.

Celebrate your progress -- this is a big achievement and it needs to be acknowledged.

Margaritas. Yum.
Celebrate along the way. Salud!

3) In nine months I will be able to follow a Spanish newscast or science documentary without subtitles (newscasts and documentaries are generally clearly annunciated and use proper language.) My grammar will be better and I will be able to use more complex sentence structures.

Make sure you do something to celebrate your progress -- maybe a date night with Spanish movies -- it doesn't matter what you do, just make a thing of it.

4) In twelve months I will travel to a Spanish speaking country for X days and refuse to speak English the entire time.

Celebrate with a trip to a Spanish speaking place. (Too obvious?)

Note that this goal setting system can be used for any goal -- losing fifty pounds, becoming a millionaire, doing a yoga handstand -- some goals will take longer than others, but the system can be used for anything. Adjusting your mindset and habits is all it takes.

*Daniella Bozzone is a mindset and habit writer, children's book author/illustrator, wellness coach private investor.


Tools and resources

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