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Feel good first and the results will follow.

Updated: May 11, 2022

Yes, I know -- that is the most woo woo thing ever. (And, yes, I am really leaning into the woo woo side of things these days.)

However, it is also practical to feel good about your circumstances -- whatever they are.

And I hear the objections -- what, am I supposed to feel good about being broke, sick, overweight, suffering a great loss? The short answer is yes, but before you click onto the next post,

"Lemme esplain. No, there is too much. Lemme sum up." -- Inigo Montoya

Feeling good gives you momentum and fuel toward more things that make you feel good. (Feeling crappy gives you more momentum toward feeling crappy.)

Let's say you want to establish a habit of morning walks. Your doctor told you to lose weight or do something for your diabetes/cholesterol/blood pressure or whatever not-so-awesome-at-first-glance-thing that it is.

Riddle me this --

Are you more likely to keep your morning walks going if:

A) You feel like a big fat slob and nothing you ever do will make you JLo.

B) You notice how focused and refreshed you feel after a morning walk.

C) You feel super determined to keep walking even though you have to do a million

things, lose a million pounds, and will never ever EVER let yourself eat cheese again.

D) You love ALL the different ways that morning walks are improving your day.

Answers are B and D -- Why? Because even if A and C seem true, they won't make those morning walks feel good. They'll feel like something you are doing because you have some sort of personal deficiency.

The reality is that your morning walks are a great opportunity to REWARD yourself. If you look at them as either a punishment or a way to EVENTUALLY feel worthy it will be a total drag to have a morning walk.

Find away to feel as excited about a morning walk as a dog does. He's not thinking that it is obligatory exercise, something to check off the to-do list, or that he's got to get his diabetes under control. He's just excited to breathe fresh air, see some squirrels, and spend time with you. He's all positivity and love and every walk is a treat. That's why he's super pumped every time you get the leash out.

The walk you take is made up of the same steps and path whether you're pumped about the squirrels, or stressed about your waistline. Choose to be pumped about it and you'll have a habit in no time.

Pro tip: Get a dog if you need a regular demonstration of 24 carat positivity. Apply the feel good methods of your average pup to everything you do. Dogs are experts at feeling good.


Daniella Bozzone is an author and wellness coach. Find her children's books at

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