Getting my body healthy after quitting my flight attendant job.

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

I quit my flight attendant job over a year ago.

It was the best decision for me to make because flying was causing so much pain and inflammation in my body. It was absolutely destroying my beautiful, dancer feet.

anti inflammatory, foot pain, lifestyle change, plant-based
pretty feet (not mine, but mine were pretty too.)

By the end of a three-day trip, I would have to walk on my heels because I couldn't put weight on the front part of my foot. I was tired all the time and it took several days off before my workouts felt envigorating instead of just a struggle to get through. By the time I felt a little better I had to fly again. So, after facing my fear of change, learning about money enough to render flying unnecessary, and dragging my painful feet, I finally quit.