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Getting my body healthy after quitting my flight attendant job.

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

I quit my flight attendant job over a year ago.

It was the best decision for me to make because flying was causing so much pain and inflammation in my body. It was absolutely destroying my beautiful, dancer feet.

anti inflammatory, foot pain, lifestyle change, plant-based
pretty feet (not mine, but mine were pretty too.)

By the end of a three-day trip, I would have to walk on my heels because I couldn't put weight on the front part of my foot. I was tired all the time and it took several days off before my workouts felt envigorating instead of just a struggle to get through. By the time I felt a little better I had to fly again. So, after facing my fear of change, learning about money enough to render flying unnecessary, and dragging my painful feet, I finally quit.

inflammation, flight attendant health, plant-based, lifestyle medicine
I had some adventures -- it was good to do it and it was good to stop

Things started improving as a result of just that change, but I had to do some more to reverse the damage from all that inflammation. My feet still hurt occasionally and I still felt tired a lot. During this time, my sister -- Dr. Suzannah Bozzone, a brilliant family medicine MD and lifestyle medicine diplomate -- was giving a kickstart course to her patients and anyone who wanted to feel better or reverse disease, etc. I joined the course with a friend of mine -- I was thinking of just being a support to my sis more than anything really, but, whenever I take a course, I really do it. (I love courses, I am always taking something.)

I didn't really think of myself as her ideal student -- she was helping people reverse diabetes and heart disease and reduce or get off their meds -- miraculous stuff. I wasn't dying or anything -- my feet just hurt and I felt tired all the time. That's hardly worth complaining about next to heart disease.

She and her partner Crissie (a delightful wellness coach and nurse) taught how to change little things in your lifestyle. They taught the benefits and/or damage that occur in your body as a result of diet, stress, sleep -- inflammation and pain in my feet, for example. They taught recipes and tips and tricks to get better sleep, better digestion, a better life. I didn't have heart disease, but seriously, did I want to wait until I did to feel better? (The pic below is the class I took.)

So the class nerd in me did the material. It was twenty-one days eating totally plant-based, learning about food and nutrients, inflammation (which turns out causes most of our problems -- who knew?), sleep, and energy. And, my feet started to feel better. Where they were stiff and painful they became more mobile and didn't hurt. I used to have a toe that would randomly stick up at a weird angle in a painful cramp. I'd have to do weird stretches and massages to make it go back to the ranks with the other toes. That doesn't happen anymore either. I can do ballet barre now and it feels pretty good -- I'm not about to audition for ABT or anything, but it is way better than before.

It was a fun and beneficial experience. I always love watching my superstar of a sister when she is making the world a better place to live in. It is really fun to watch Dr. Suz and Crissie get excited about things like fiber and naps. (My sis is so into fiber!!!)

I am now mostly plant-based. I sleep like a princess and have way more energy. My toes don't cramp and get stuck and my feet don't hurt. I'm working on regaining strength in them and am getting stronger all the time.

To join the online course click on the pic above or call the number in the pic above that:

To read my full story aabout quitting my flight attendant job click here: (


Resources recommended by Dr. Suzannah Bozzone and Crissie Smith RN:

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To read my full story about quitting my flight attendant job click here: dren's story and she did the guidelines for parents and guardians. It encourages kids to eat nature's rainbow with a story, fun games, and activities.

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