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How to use Pinterest to reach your goals

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

What goals are you trying to achieve right now? Something physical like losing ten pounds or being able to do ten pull ups? Something financial like saving a six month emergency fund or upping your income to six or even seven figures? Something broadening like learning a language or a new skill?

Well it doesn't matter what it is you can achieve it. All you need is clarity and momentum.

Pinterest, goal setting, habit, mindset, personal growth, self-development
Be clear about your goal so you know when you've achieved it. You can only hit targets you aim at.

How to achieve clarity:

Write down the goal as specifically as possible -- include when you want to have achieved it, what action steps you will take, and how you will celebrate the achievement.:


Physical goal: "I will have a twenty eight inch waist and be able to do a yoga handstand (without a wall) by Thanksgiving.

Action step(s): I will do this with intermittent fasting and practicing handstands every day.

Celebration. I will celebrate by buying a manduka yoga mat.

Financial goal: I will start a financial freedom account.

Action step(s): I will put (a minimum of) one hundred dollars per paycheck into my financial freedom fund so that one year from today it will have (a minimum of) $2400.

Celebration: I will celebrate with family ice cream sundaes in the park.

Broadening goal: I will become more positive and self-aware.

Action step(s): I will spend ten minutes every day reading a personal development book and writing about what I have read. One year from today I will reflect and write about the path taken (Put it in the calendar now).

Celebration: A girls' night out that includes champagne and new shoes.

It doesn't matter what it is, just make sure it is specific enough to know when you've achieved it and make sure you celebrate it in some small (or big) way.

Celebrate, goals, pinterest, habits, growth, self-improvement
Be sure to celebrate your achievements in some way.

How to gain Momentum:

Clear focus, consistent habit, and acknowledging your progress will get you there.

This is where the Pinterest board comes in.

1st -- Pinterest Board name, "People who Prove X is possible" Find some notable people who are already where you want to be and pin them all over your Pinterest board for that goal. This proves that your goal is achievable because someone has already achieved it. That's true whether you want to run a marathon or be a millionaire -- plenty of people have achieved those things so we know they're possible. As an example, my fitness board on Pinterest has JLo, Serena, some fitness gurus and dancers. I even have Khloe Kardashian's pics from before and after she got her revenge body. I've pinned workouts, before and after pics, and other inspiration all over that board.

2nd -- Pinterest Board name: whatever the goal is -- Examples: Learn Spanish, lose weight, become a millionaire, or whatever you've set your sights on. set the habit that will take you there, and track it. You want to have a certain amount saved in a year -- divide that amount by twelve to get your monthly saving goal and track your progress every month. Pin Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman quotes to your money board. Learn how to make your money stretch. Feel good about money. Use a notebook or an app to keep up with how you do.

**Some money apps have cash register noises or cheering sounds every time you put money in them. Those are fun for me because it is a little mini-celebration every time I add to the goal.**

For a reading goal keep the books stacked up by your desk when you've finished them, or keep a running list if you read on Kindle or on Audible. Pin the books and important passages from them to your board. Watch your book board get filled up as you go and feel good about that progress.

Pro tip: You can make this one board with two sections: the goal and the people who prove that it is achievable can be separate sections of one board. If you've made them separate but want to merge them just click edit and the merge boards option will pop up.

Pinterest, goal setting, good habits, mindset, personal growth, self-development
Pinterest is the perfect place to keep your goal in view.

3rd -- Hang out with people who are successful in these areas, and avoid people who will get you off track.

For example, if your goal is to quit smoking then you simply cannot be around smokers or you'll smoke.

It is equally important for any change you want to make whether that is fitness, self-improvement, finances or anything else. Plus, it is much easier and more fun to add a new good habit when your pals are into that habit too.

Finally -- look at your Pinterest board every day. Find new things to pin to it. Note your progress and be proud of it. Feel good about it. Have mini celebrations at each landmark you pass on the way toward your goal.

You'll be there before you know it.

* Daniella Bozzone is a habit and mindset writer and a private investor. Check out her positive children's books on Amazon.


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