Life Hack books from "just practical advice to super duper woo woo."

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

In keeping with my daily practice and the power of habit focus I have been reading a whole bunch of self help and life hack books. I have found that it keeps me from being in a rut or sliding into a less than intentional life. I often forget what I'm trying to accomplish and just float through my week if I am not careful. Reading these books keeps me reminded that I am building a specific life for myself. I have become rather fond of the woo woo type of books that use the words like "universe" and "manifest" and such. However, when I first started looking into these books, that was not at all what I wanted. I just wanted to be more productive, goal oriented, and waste less energy on stuff that wasn't going to get me anywhere. I'll start with those and move toward the woo woo as the post goes on. If you don't want woo woo then just get the first few books.

1) Essentialism by Greg Mckeown. Not woo woo at all, but will still help your emotional state anyway. The basic idea behind this is that you decide what is of the most value to you in your life (the essential parts) and you only do the things that support that life. Mckeown had an "aha" moment when he left his wife and first born at the hospital hours after the birth to go to a business meeting. He sacrificed a magical day in his life for a much less valuable experience. What is worse, it did nothing for his status, or his career. He was jolted awake to the fact that he was pushing hard at work for his family and then sacrificed that very thing for the work -- he scheduled his priorities backward. After this he cut the unessential out of his life and realized that made him much more successful in every part of his life, including business. The states of being too busy and sleep deprived do not lead to success. You have to put in the time on the the things that matter and cut out the rest. He gives practical advice on how to do this. It