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My top five celebrity motivators

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

I think of myself as being a productive and motivated person most of the time, but I know that there is a lazy, excuse monster lurking below the surface that is just itching to put me on the couch with a Netflix binge, a bottle of wine, and a bunch of reasons why today is a good day to take it easy and eat potato chips.

There is nothing wrong with Netflix AFTER you've gotten shit done. And wine is great AFTER you've worked out your booty to earn that wine (plus chocolate if today was leg day!) But I have discovered that giving into the lazy excuse monster before I've moved toward my goals makes me depressed, anxious and irritable. Not worth it.

So, I have a few little celebrity badasses that I seek out when I need help winning a battle with my lazy excuse monster. They're all high achievers mentally and physically and they make me want to work harder.

1) Serena Williams

She is an inspiration for women in business, athletics and for leg day (obviously). I scroll her IG account for three seconds and my inner excuse monster hasn't got a chance in hell to put me one the couch with some chips. This video gives me goosebumps and makes me want to do hard things.

2) Jocko Willink

Another inspiration for business and for toughness. A former Navy Seal and current business writer and consultant, Jocko is the badass the world needs right now. he works out at four AM everyday to earn his surf and fun. He teaches leadership and personal responsibility to businesses all over the country. Watch this YouTube video if your lazy excuse monster is trying to slow you down.

3) Joe Rogan

I love Joe. He is laid back and funny -- a professional comedian -- but he's a get-after-it badass too. He's a former martial artist and is still extremely motivated and disciplined in multiple areas of his life. He's tough in his various businesses -- he has the most downloaded podcast in history, he does comedy shows with rigorous discipline, is a pro fight commentator, and he works out hard every day. He also seems like the happiest guy on the planet -- which goes to show you that getting after it makes you happy. Giving into the lazy excuse monster will not make you happy like Joe. It'll make you miserable. Watch this to hear how even his own happiness is a result of choice and intentional action.

4)Gabby Reece

I've loved Gabby for years. She was a supermodel and an Olympic volley ball player and is still the biggest badass ever. She's also a successful businesswoman and is still an incredible athlete. Most of her YouTube videos are at least an hour long, but I found this shorter one for you to watch here. Do go check out her podcast and interviews -- she will make your excuse monster deflate in a heartbeat.

5)David Goggins

David Goggins makes me know that whatever obstacles I have to overcome are overcome-able. He has been THROUGH IT and has come out as the toughest man alive. He has been in the special forces of multiple branches of the US military (Navy Seal, Army Ranger, and Air Force Pararescue.) He was abused as a kid, had a learning disability and had to lose one hundred and ten pounds to go to training in the Navy. He has asthma, sickle cell, and a congenital heart defect. He now runs ultramarathons (a lot of them), writes books, and helps people find the courage to run their own lives. There are no excuses that I could possibly have to rival Goggins' -- lazy excuse monsters are not welcome after watching a David Goggins speech.

We live in an era where personal responsibility is optional and all excuses are legitimized. Find a few motivation-muses like these five superstars to help you keep hold of the reins of your happiness, health, and strength of character.


*Daniella Bozzone is a mindset and habit writer and the sole proprietor of DesigningDandelion -- a shop of positive and encouraging gifts and workout clothes.

Click the links below for some books written by my favorite motivators.

*I do receive a small affiliate fee if you buy them through this page.*

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