No Entity has a Monopoly on Truth.

These days the word "science" is being used in much the same way as "God's will" was used during the Dark Ages. The trusted source of truth then was the Catholic church (in Europe), and now it is science (globally). Church and state were motivation and power then. Science and state are motivation and power now.

An honest spiritual pursuit of truth would allow for study, inquiry, and debate. And at times in history (including now) we're allowed to ask: Why would this make me a better person? Why would God/integrity/my conscience require that? Does life have purpose or do we give life purpose? Why would this be literal and not symbolic truth? Etc. Well, if you're trying maintain absolute power, you must control your population. You tell them what's what, and you tell them that they can't question for fear of eternal flames, or current torture (see Mary Tudor, aka Bloody Mary, of England as an example of using physical torture to "save" souls). If they're terrified they will not question a thing....aloud anyway.


An honest scientific pursuit of truth would allow for study, inquiry, and debate as well. Is it true? Have you collected all of the necessary data? What does the data say? Has new information arisen to put that into question? Does anyone have a logical reason why that is or isn't true? What could go wrong as a result of this experiment? When we find out a hypothesis isn't true we divulge the new findings. Science is never settled.... unless, of course, the keepers of the keys of "truth" don't let it out, or cancel your account for questioning, or create false accusations to discredit you (those examples are totally hypothetical and randomly chosen, of course).


The thing about that is, the truth is always true no matter how many pains are taken to promote false information. You can't spin it in favor of an existing power -- though existing powers do often convince a lot of people pretty successfully. However, truth will come out sooner or later.

So we have that going for us.