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Stop bragging about how little sleep you get.

We have all heard this, and have even done this. There is something about stress, or overwhelm that we've made glamorous or virtuous. It is neither of those things, and, the price is waaaaaay higher than the reward.

Remember -- the words we use are important. Our subconscious is listening. If we're perpetually mentioning that we can function on four hours of sleep, or are stressed to our eyeballs, or have been overwhelmed for weeks, we'll reinforce the behaviors that support this reality.

Stressed woman with eyes closed in front of a computer.
She's thinking about how stressed she is and it is just making it worse.

Words matter.

There is some reward we get from negative talk. In the case of bragging about stress level, or sleep deprivation, the reward might be compassion, sympathy, or being left alone. Those are pretty good rewards, but they are reinforcing the exponentially greater suffering that comes from overwhelm. (BTW, just using the word "overwhelm" makes you feel more overwhelmed. Take that word and flush it!)

Here's the reward to shoot for -- rested, capable, alert and attentive enough to get all your work done in half the time.

Sounds pretty awesome.

A calm, rested mind is a high performing mind.

An exhausted, overwhelmed mind takes two hours to get ten minutes worth of work done.....and it probably won't be quality work.

Begin the change from stressed to high performing with your words.

Use language like quality, high performing, efficient, rested.

Avoid language like stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted.

Your words become your reality because they influence your behavior. Want to change your reality? Change your words.

**Extra benefits include bright eyes, happiness, and quality work.

Rested, efficient, and capable -- happier by far.


** Daniella Bozzone is a habit writer, private investor, and lifestyle coach. She has written and illustrated several uplifting children's books that are available on Amazon.

Instagram: @daniellabozzoneauthor

FaceBook: @CoachDaniella

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