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Technology induced silliness: A confession.

This morning I went to yoga class, apple watch, yoga mat and sanctimonious attitude all present and accounted for. I sweated profusely. My arms shook in side plank. I worked on handstands and headstands. I even fell out of a headstand with a crash in the middle of the instructor’s calm, cruelty free inversion guidance. I absolutely killed savasana (corpse pose).

An hour and fifteen minutes passed on a Saturday morning and I was feeling pretty ok about it.

Then, as I went to hit the button on my watch to say the workout was over, I realized I had never started it at all.



Then, without hesitation, I turned on the yoga button as though I had just started doing it. I wasn’t doing yoga anymore. I was driving home, taking the dogs out, drinking coffee when my exercise circle closed thirty minutes after yoga ended.

I had forgotten I turned it on. I thought about it for a minute. “This is dumb. I am not doing yoga now. I did yoga. No matter what my watch thinks, I did yoga.” However, I still didn’t stop the yoga timer until the length of the yoga class had passed.

I am fully aware that the yoga happened whether or not the watch knew. Even so, I lied to my watch about the later-in-the-day-yoga so it would register.

My name is Daniella and I am intimidated by my watch.

In other news, I am looking forward to the little fireworks show this evening when all three circles close.

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daniella bozzone
daniella bozzone
Mar 25, 2019

I haven't made that mistake again (not that I won't lol).


Laura Brown
Laura Brown
Mar 18, 2019

Funny post Daniella. I too can relate to this. I get bummed when I forget to push that button or worse, realize I don't have my watch on at all and I feel like the movement was wasted!

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