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Three perspective shifts that will help you flow toward wealth

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

I have just read a money mindset book that has provided some new perspectives for me. I read a lot of books about mindset because I want to constantly stay in a mental place that is going to keep me growing in purpose - and, yes, in wealth as well.

money mindset, money, wealth, abundance, prosperity, happiness
Happy coming in and happy going out

This book, HAPPY MONEY, The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money by Ken Honda teaches about the joy of the "flow" of money. The idea is that money is simply a form of energy that facilitates other things. Our goal is to allow that flow to happen happily.

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Honda goes into the self-sabotaging mindsets that most of us have. I urge you to read and see how it fits in your point of view. These limiting mindsets are beliefs on the subconscious level that make you procrastinate or make poor choices you know you shouldn't make and that prevent you from reaching your goal. They include ideas like, "money is evil" or "wanting any amount of money makes me greedy" or "there is not enough for everyone" and it's partner "If I am rich then someone else will have to be poor." None of these are actually true but believing them limits your ability to be comfortable with your money. Since these beliefs are usually formed very early in life it can be hard to see them in yourself. It requires quite a lot of self-reflection. It is one of the reasons that I am always looking for books that refer to methods of discovering where I might be holding myself back -- financially or in other ways. These self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors will affect all areas of your life -- not just money.

My favorite of Ken Honda's insights from this book is:

you should feel happiness and gratitude not only when money flows in, but also when money flows out.

When we don't do this we live like a dragon. A dragon gets a bunch of gold and jewels and just sits on them in a big cave by himself guarding the hoard from thieves and Hobbits. That is no way to live. It is lonely and paranoid.

SO, now, when I am purchasing something or giving to a charity here are the three gratitude points I intentionally think as I write a check or charge my card:

1) This money is becoming a product or service that will improve the quality of my life. May it bless and bring joy to me and my family.

2) This money is creating abundance for the person, business, or charity who receives it. May it bless and bring joy to them.

3) Since you choose where to buy and give, determine to give and buy where your conscience and ethics are. May this money create more positivity in the world.

money mindset, money, gratitude, abundance, wealth, prosperity
It is a blessing coming in and it is a blessing going out

Gratitude as the money flows out produces several wonderful results. It makes us more mindful of where our money goes. It makes us less stressed as we pay it out. It is more likely to flow toward a good end.

Gratitude is the key to all kinds of peace and abundance. It isn't obvious at first, but the more ways we practice it the more peace and abundance we feel.

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