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Transformation requires Self-Acceptance

This sounds a little bit contradictory. It seems like those who accept themselves as they are would not be interested in or striving for transformation -- however, self-love and acceptance are NOT the opposite of growth, or working toward goals, or seeing room for improvement.

In fact, if you do love yourself as you are, you are in a better position to reach your goals.


It is because in loving yourself as you are and accepting where you are now, you reject the time-consuming misery of torturing yourself for where you SHOULD BE.

That nonsense can take years if we let it. "I should be fitter, thinner, richer, better at money management, time management, relationships..."

Dwelling on these "inadequacies" will take time, zap motivation, and kill joy.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be right now.

This came up for me recently as I was working through some weight loss and fitness journey milestones. I was balancing between the seemingly contradictory ideas of loving myself as I am now in this moment and wanting to be stronger, healthier, and leaner. How could both of those things live in the same mind.

Well, they can....and why not?

Treat yourself like you would a child who is learning to read. That child is exactly where they should be with their current knowledge of the alphabet, sounding out words, and so on.

Does that mean that they're wrong to want to be able to read chapter books?

Of course not.

Give yourself the same grace as that child. You are exactly where you are supposed to be right now and you are perfectly entitled to have your goals for growth.

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