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Use language that inspires effective action

One of the most influential parts of life is our use of words. The next time you are around someone who seems to reach success effortlessly, or is "naturally" rich, thin, fit, popular, influential, etc. listen to the way they phrase things.

The happy, healthy, successful, abundant people among us use words that affirm that they're accomplishing their goals.

For example:

I am...

I'm becoming...

It's happening...

My results are...

As they start their businesses they say, "I'm a business owner." (That is to say -- It is real. It is happening.)

Some less empowered language would be "I hope this works out..."; "I'm trying to get a business going..."; "Hopefully all my work will pay off..." (That is to say -- It is uncertain. Maybe fate will step in but probably not.)

Now, that less empowered talk may sound "more realistic" but it doesn't have anything to do with realism. The first person is likely really growing his business, and the second person is likely really trying so they're both realistic ways of talking.

woman talking in front of computer
Listen to how successful people talk. Our words make a difference.

The two business owners' words indicate their level of belief and commitment to the business. The amount of belief and commitment one puts in a business will most definitely affect whether it succeeds or not.

If you really want to succeed in something use word that affirm that you are succeeding in it. This requires a change of habit and a little faith in yourself, but it will change your behavior and your results as well.

The words we use are important. Be attentive to them.


Daniella Bozzone is a habit writer, private investor, and lifestyle coach. You can find her children's books on Amazon.

She's also on Instagram @daniellabozzoneauthor, and Facebook @coachdaniella.

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