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Why it is good to be a Dandelion

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

First of all, dandelions are obviously flowers. Before a little kid is told that a dandelion is a weed he picks it for his mom – he knows a flower when he sees one. They’re pretty and bright yellow, but for whatever reason we have decided that their “bloom where your planted” freedom must be zapped with Monsanto toxins. This feels a little too close to home for a “free spirited” type like me. A few pals used to call me Dandelion when I was little. My nickname is Dani, they started with Dandy and then ended up with Dandelion. This went on for years. I loved it. It didn’t occur to me until recently all of the reasons I love the idea of being a Dandelion.

Five reasons it is good to be a dandelion:

1. They are sunny, happy flowers in the early part of their lives. They are fun to paint with -- as any child can tell you. Remember painting your forearm yellow with dandelions? We used to call it making butter. Then, late in their lives, they turn to lovely poofballs that you can spread in the wind or with a puff of breath and make a wish. Kids always recognize the value of this type of thing better than adults

2. They have a bunch of health benefits. You can make tea out of them, eat the roots, the leaves and the flowers and they are packed with vitamins. They boost your immune system and help fight disease. It is their secret weapon.

3. No matter how many times you try to get rid of them they always come back – sunny and yellow between your bricks or in your perfectly manicured garden. The moles of whack-a-mole haven't a tenth of the tenacity of a dandelion.

4. They transform to a different, though equally pleasant and eye catching, shape in their later lives. They turn into wish fulfilling poofballs. They have a unique ability to promote themselves. Most flowers need a network of bees, birds, people and bugs to grow their presense in the world. Dandelions just turn to poofballs and wait for a breeze or for someone to make a wish.

5. Being undervalued doesn’t seem like it would be a bonus. But there is something extra formidable and inspiring about something that is seen as a weed, is constantly fought and bad mouthed but simply cannot be defeated. The dandelion gives hope to the underdogs and the overlooked.

At first, when I named my Etsy store DesigningDandelion I was just thinking of my old nickname, and I liked the alliteration. Now, after simmering with the name for a while I can’t think of anything better to be than a dandelion.

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