Why your beliefs about money are untrue and how to fix it.

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Our beliefs about how the world works were beginning to form when we were little kids -- that is true whether we are talking about money, relationships, or how to behave in the world.

money mindset, self-limiting beliefs, childhood memories, parents and money
We learned how to feel about money very early in life.

Have you ever noticed that the children of worriers tend to be worriers? The children of short-tempered parents tend to have short tempers? The children of the chill are pretty chill?

When your five-year-old self saw habits practiced -- whether your mom and dad were balancing a checkbook, going to the gym, or spending a rainy afternoon reading -- those behaviors made you understand how to be.

We all believe things that are untrue. It starts when we are really little and see something or hear something and in our five-year-old minds that is simply how the world works. When I was little, all the women in my life complained if they had didn't have a fast metabolism and couldn't be a size two without trying. For years, I believed that skinny women had no problems. This went on well into adulthood. (Truth be told, there's a part of me that still believes it even though I know it is ridiculous.)

These beliefs are not just in the subconscious mind, they are bodily -- even spiritual. They created the world as we know it to be.