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You can't soar with the eagles if you're digging for worms

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

This was something my ballet teacher used to say. She was referring to the ability to really soar in a grand jete (that's the big leap where dancers launch into a flying split that carries them across the stage). Dancers who looked down could never really fly even if their technique was otherwise perfect.

I still have dreams that I am leaping like I did in my dancing days. It was the most glorious feeling. It never occurred to me to envy the birds because I thought I already knew how to fly.

To soar you must elevate your focus.

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Elevate your focus

(Everything you need to know about life is hidden in ballet class. Who knew?)

So how is this useful now? I'll just bullet point a few things that are "digging for worms" and a few things that are "flying with the eagles" and use it as a starting point for establishing some good mental habits.

(Honestly, dear reader, I think this is more for me than you, but I hope you can use it too.)

Digging for worms:

-Being jealous of people who have something you want (you'll never have what you resent other people having -- that is a downward focus for sure.)

-Believing that others do not deserve their blessings (An example: Gisele and Tom bring more beauty and talent to the world and we get to enjoy it too. Don't mar it with negativity.)

-Believing you do not deserve your blessings (you deserve your beauty and talents even if it all came easily to you --make no apologies for blessings)

-Believing that you must sacrifice abundance in one area to have it in another (your career and your family life can thrive -- you don't have to choose. Just find out how to tailer-make it to your life.)

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Where do you choose to put your focus?

Soaring with the eagles:

-Seeing others who have what you want as proof that it is possible to achieve. (Example: Gabby Reece is older, but fitter than I am. I look to her for inspiration. She proves that strength, beauty, and vitality are possible in one being.)

-Believing that the blessings should be part of the lives of all -- you included. (I accept the joys of my life and look forward to more.)

-Believing that blessings do not come at a price -- you can achieve and enjoy good relationships, good health, beauty, and abundance in all areas of life (but not if you don't believe it is possible.)

Elevate your focus by being grateful for all the blessings you and others enjoy.

"The Universe is Change; Our Life is what our thoughts make it." -- Marcus Aurelius

*Daniella Bozzone is the author of several uplifting children's books including Lucy Cate and her Gratitude Attitude. She is also a private investor and money mindset expert.


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