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5 Visual Anchors to help you Zoom Toward your Goals

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hey Gang,

This one is always fun for me to think about.

First of all, what is a visual anchor? You've heard of vision boards or written affirmations. Well, those are a few types of visual anchors you can use. The purpose is to visually remind you of what you are working toward, that you have a purpose and why you want to reach it. That doesn't seem like something that would need extra reminding, but it is.

We all know the talented kids who were talked out of their dreams because, "Music/dance/entrepreneurship is not practical," or "Only the beautiful/rich/lucky... make it in movies/business/writing..." I mean, it takes real nerve to ignore the naysayers and doubters and do it anyway.

I would even say that the older you get the harder it is to drown the doubt and pursue your dreams -- but it is possible. You have to get really clear about your goal and write it down -- repeatedly -- as many times as necessary to improve the clarity. Then you have to stick to your guns and that means that the words of the doubters (yourself included) need to become nothing more than background noise.

The most important thing you have to do is feel gratitude for where you are now. Celebrating current wins and blessings is essential to allow future wins and blessings into your life.

silence the doubt, achieve your goals, reach the top
The doubt is at the bottom of the mountain now

Here are a few ideas to get started with your visual anchors:

1. Household items -- have something inspirational on your coffee mug, throw pillow, pictures on your desk -- whatever. It can be an inspirational quote from the Stoics, Bible or other spiritual texts. Or it could be just one word like gratitude, love, abundance. It could be more specific too like the Olympics, Author, Millionaire, or whatever big thing you are working toward.

2 - Images or words on your computer or phone -- This is a good place to put your specific goal or your vision board. I have mindset reminders on there too. My computer has a sticker of the word, "grateful" to remind me to enjoy what I have now and "just start" to kick me off FB and into the work that I need to do. I have a vision board as my screensaver (I made it on PicMonkey. I hear Canva is good too.) I have a monetary goal as my screensaver on my phone. These things just keep me "anchored" to things I want to achieve so that I don't meander off course too often.

mindset, goals, values, growth, change, vision, success
What are your values? How do you anchor your mind to them?

3 -- Clothes and jewelry with word or symbol anchors -- We've all seen the yoga clothes with "gratitude," "abundance," or "love." We've seen rappers with dollar sign jewelry. The environmentally-minded have trees or birds on their bracelets or t-shirts. What do you value? Where are your goals? Put an image, word, or phrase in your wardrobe to make that goal or passion part of your own image.

4 -- A "goal card" in your wallet -- write down your biggest goal and the date you'll achieve it on a card the size of a business card or credit card. Put it in your wallet either in the ID window or next to the card you use most. Look at it often. Get your mind prepared for achieving that goal. The more you have it in your mind the more easily you'll find the steps to achieving it.

5 -- Written affirmations or goals -- Write down your goals regularly. Something about the act of writing with a pen or pencil really gets it into your brain. It isn't magic or anything, it is just giving your brain a clear assignment with regular reminders. Put it in your daily planner, on your bathroom mirror, on your bedside table. You can put it in the form of an affirmation -- something like, "I will finish my novel by my thirty-fifth birthday. Or an afformation (same but in the form of a question), "Why was it so easy for me to finish my novel by my birthday?" (BTW, there is a great book about afformations by Noah St. John. He explains how your brain responds to them. It is a little woowoo, but it really clicked in my brain. I'll link it below.)

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So, here's what I did. I have attached a little online store to this website that has a bunch of visual anchors. My liquid luck cup and the abundance necklace in the pics above are in the store. I've just opened it so stay tuned for more ideas. Also, please let me know if there is something that you would like as your visual anchor. I will try all the tricks in the book to stay on track. I'm someone who is easily distracted and dissuaded and these visual anchors really help me stay focused on my purpose. If you have any other things that you do to stay positive, focused, and encouraged, I would love to hear about them.



Below are a few books that I recommend for helping tweak your mindset so that you can live your purpose more easily.

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I have written several books that teach kids good mindset practices through story and activity. They star an adorable little owl named Lucy Cate.

The links to my Children's books below:

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