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How to have faith and hope no matter how hard this moment is.

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

I don't know about you, but scrolling through my facebook feed, reading or watching the news right now is not helping me feel abundant, hopeful, or even like planning for the future.

It would be a huge mistake for us to abandon hope for anger. As we all know, everything that is was once just a thought in somebody's head. We have to envision the future we want to see -- a peaceful and prosperous future. How do we keep planning, creating, and making a future for ourselves when we are beat down by fear and discouragement? I am actually writing this right now to workshop that idea. This is what I have come up with:

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Choose hope over anger


This is something of a buzzword at that moment so it is really easy to "Yeah, I know..." and move one. However, that is a mistake. This is the one that really needs the most concentrated attention when the world is falling down around you. Take one moment and write down three things you are grateful for right now -- doesn't matter if it is a cliche or something tiny -- if you feel gratitude for it lean into that gratitude now.


This is for you more than for the person or people you are forgiving. You don't even have to contact everyone but you must release yourself from the hurt by forgiving -- well, everybody. Start with yourself -- that is the hardest one for me. Forgive yourself for failings, for flaws, for moments of stupidity, for being unkind to yourself. Then forgive the people in your life. Then forgive the people who it is hard to forgive. Even forgive monsters and politicians you hate. Say it outloud. Write it down. Light a candle -- or do whatever makes it feel real. Release yourself from the hurt.

*This does not mean you let yourself get hurt again. If the forgiven people are still hurtful, just release yourself with forgiveness and move forward and away from them.

Small daily habits:

This is where the planning and putting into action happens. What can you do to make the trajectory of your day, week, year, move toward something wonderful? Is it an intention for the day? Maybe a to-do list? Maybe you make something beautiful or use kindness to bless someone else? Prayer? Meditation? Visualization? Your world and the world around you aren't as likely to improve by a sweeping gesture or an explosion -- they change in small daily habits.

Daily habit - bold action - follow through - change the world.

Bold Action:

What are you afraid to do? Make a difficult phone call? Quit your job? Put yourself forward for something? Make a video? Write an article? Put your voice "out there" to be seen and critiqued? The little habits in the previous step help equip you to make the bold scary action. Once you've made that phone call or video or whatever it is you get a burst of momentum. You'll start moving more quickly toward the reality you're aiming at (remember, everything that is was once only a thought).

Follow through:

This one is always tough. What are you working for with your Bold Action and Daily Habits? How do you want your world (and therefore the world around you) to improve? Celebrate every increment of progress and keep moving forward.

Anyway, that is what I've got so far. I would be interested to hear how you're going to regain hope and faith for our future. Please respond to this post with your ideas -- we need all the positivity we can get.


Recommended books to help get into a world changing mindset:

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