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Ideas to use quarantine time well:

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Hey Gang,

I know that a lot of you are going a little nuts right now with schools being out, some income being lost, and your routine being totally disrupted. Your friendly, introverted ball of positivity (that's me) is here to help.

Seriously though, social distancing is my jam. You might not be able to tell when I'm with people, but I am actually an introvert. I enjoy time with people, but I like a buuuunch of alone time --which is why I have created this tailor-made solopreneur type of career for myself. This means I have tons of ideas about how to spend this time at home.

We've got lots of time right now -- what an unusual opportunity!

Here we go!

I know we all have a list of books, movies, blogs, podcasts etc. that we have been meaning to get to. Now's the time.

Get started on your reading list...

Do the creative thing that you are always saying you'd like to do if you had more time -- knit, draw, bake, craft, repurpose stuff -- whatever it is.

Here in the Southeast, it is time to get ready to plant. If you have a yard, or area for pots, start clearing out your weeds and get your seedlings going (keep them inside for a bit longer though -- they're still too delicate to resist any cold weather that might still happen). If you've always wanted to grow veggies and never had the time to figure out what to plant, now is the time. Google what grows in your area and order the seeds online. Google what your native pollinators like and order those seeds too. (Bees need love too.)

Clean out your closets. Get your donations together. Declutter. If you find something that someone can use, give it away. It may help someone who is going to have some financial struggles after this weird time has passed and life returns to normal.

Take courses and lessons online -- especially from musicians and artists whose gigs have canceled.

This brings me to some money-making ideas for gig-less musicians and artists. Now is the time to get your courses going. Start making video tutorials and demos, and mini-performances. Set up a website where people can schedule coaching with you through your website, Zoom, or FaceTime.

Take online lessons

Also, I know I am repeating myself in this next one, but seriously, this market is providing some real opportunities. However, don't just go out and buy stuff willy-nilly. Learn how to find the right companies for you. I recommend any of Phil Town's books to get going on this (Payback Time and Rule #1). Start with Danielle and Phil Town's book, Invested if you have a complicated emotional relationship with money (we all do -- so just read that book anyway). You finally have time to read -- now is the time to learn to invest.

Next idea-- help your friends and neighbors. Go grocery shopping for the older people in your life. Call them. Make sure they are ok and not feeling sick or too lonely. Share your extra toilet paper and hand soap with them. Bring dinner to them (with gloved and sanitized delivery, of course.)

Check on your elderly neighbors and family

Use this time to see problems that need solving and solve them. You're creative and clever and this is your opportunity to make the world a better place.

Stay healthy, friends,



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