Pepper your success habits into all areas of your life.

I have noticed that the process I used to get a healthy money mindset is the exact same process that I need to use to get a healthy body image mindset, relationship mindset, emotional health mindset, spiritual health mindset -- well, you get the idea.

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Mindset is the key to cultivating all areas of your life

So, as you know a few years ago I decided to become financially literate and to improve my relationship with money.

First, I decluttered everything I had in the money category from my wallet, to my bills and subscriptions, my income -- I tidied up to make Marie Kondo proud. I decluttered emotions around money -- feelings of unworthiness or feeling somehow virtuous for calling money unimportant. Money is useful and important -- there is no virtue in denying something that is simply a fact.

I faced the numbers -- the shameful ones (how much do I waste on crap I don't use?!?!) and the good ones (that debt allergy has served me well.) I read Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman, I learned to invest from Phil Town (life changing, btw -- look into it.) I continue to learn about it. I learned that money is not inherently good or evil. It is just a really useful tool that -- like energy -- gets things moving.

Then I became grateful for every penny I had, every penny I earned and every penny I spent. Every time it flows in or out the energy keeps moving. If I invest wisely it flows toward me and I can give to a charity or buy a new pair of shoes. If I spend, then it flows away from me and it puts food on someone else's table. The more it flows in all directions the better off we all are. **Read Happy Money by Ken Honda for more about that.**