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Water your flowers not your weeds.

The more gratitude that I express the more good things I actually notice. The more good things I notice, the more good things happen. You get a lot of rolling eyeballs when you tell people that gratitude and mindset actually improve your life -- people seem to think that those of us who believe that believe in magic or something.

water your flowers not your weeds. happiness hacks, mindset, habit, mental habits
Cultivate the good stuff. Put your focus there.

It isn't that at all. It is that your focus determines what you see. Good and bad things are both in front of us ALL THE TIME. Opportunity and hardship are available to us ALL THE TIME. Things can be in front of us all the time without our ever noticing them. You have to do it consciously.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine told me about her friend selling her horse farm. I asked her where it was. It was on a main road in our tiny home town that I have driven by for forty years. I never knew it was there. But after that conversation on my drive back home I actually looked at it. It was enormous -- several barns, and horses grazing in open view. I didn't expect a horse farm to be fifty feet from the bank I used for the first 38 years of my life, so I simply didn't see it there.

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Everything is in front of you all the time. Where you put your focus is up to you.

Or how about when you have just bought a new car? Everyone knows this one. You never saw more than one or two of the make, model, color of the car you just bought on the road. You thought your car would be easy to spot in the parking lot next to all the Hondas and Fords. Then you shop for your car and see three million of them next to you on the highway on the way to sign the papers.

Everything is in front of you all the time. Your life will be filled with what you focus on.

water your flowers not your weeds; where your focus goes your energy flows; it is all there all the time -- good and bad.
Gratitude will water your flowers.

Pro tip:

Gratitude waters flowers.

Complaining waters weeds.


Daniella Bozzone is a mindset and habit writer. Find her uplifting children's books at and select stores.

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