Belief: Will you let it limit you or free you?

I fully believe that anyone can achieve whatever life they want if they just get out of their own way.

During the twelve years that I worked as a flight attendant I began to believe that I had chosen my path and I was stuck with it --even though I didn't love the job and I fell into it in a very unintentional way.

For a while, I kept making half-hearted attempts to find my dream life. I would have vague, "someday" plans to do something else, but for years nothing stuck. The longer I stayed at the airline the more I believed that this was my life now, and that I would have to live my life between trips. The longer I flew the more the job took a toll on my body. I had no energy --ever. I had to drag myself through workouts (something that used to give me great energy and enjoyment). The job gave me equilibrium problems, severe foot pain, thyroid issues, and I was tired ALL THE TIME. My time between trips became failed attempts to feel good and very little "living my life" took place.

It took a few serendipitous events and one enormous tragedy to wake me up enough to realize that I had to (and could) change something. Just like Dorothy, I had the power all along, but couldn't use it until I believed it. (BTW after about a year and a half off the plane, my thyroid is back to normal, my feet are almost all the way better, I am never tired anymore, and I love to exercise again -- I've even lost an inch off my waist as a result.)

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Don't wait until you're miserable. Click your heels now!

The serendipitous events and the tragedy:

(You can read more about it in my blog post: Quitting my Flight Attendant Job.)