Gratitude vs. Anxiety

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Hey Gang,

So, the other day I was walking our dog and for absolutely no reason, out of the clear blue, I had this intense worry about something bad happening to my husband. It was one of those darts of anxiety that make you picture accidents and loved ones -- the type of thing that is not at all preventable. (I know that I am not the only one who gets these little worry darts.) The funny thing is, I feel like these feelings happen more when things are actually going well. Does anybody know why that is?

Anyway, there I was with a beautiful day and a happy pup, and a perfectly healthy husband at home and a dart of worry struck me. So, I went into my arsenal of positivity and came out with the most potent weapon I have -- Gratitude.

Seriously, I cannot emphasize this enough--

Gratitude is the answer to so many problematic questions.

I started listing all of the things that I feel gratitude for -- starting with the target of my little worry dart -- my husband. I went through all the great things about him, us, especially funny things. Then I went on to the other people in my life who have made my life richer -- my siblings, my parents, my nieces and nephews, my friends. (Honestly, once you start to feel gratitude for all of the people in your life the worry dissolves into nothing, but I kept going anyway.) Then I said some "thank yous" for my pets and their quirks. Then I went to things about life here where I am --- ease and convenience, beautiful mountains, trees, birds, the smell of coffee, the feeling of a breeze, etc. (and since I was on a walk outside I could look at things that I felt gratitude for right in front of me). My feeling of worry and unease switched to a feeling of lightness and buoyancy as I went through my gratitude list.